TopSolid'Steel, THE metalworking CAD software

Design, organize and produce all types of work faster

  • Intuitive ergonomics that makes the application easy to learn and use
  • Comprehensive integrated libraries that save time when creating standards
  • Rapid generation of documents for production: drawings and assembly instructions
  • Powerful interfaces to help you collaborate in a BIM environment



  • Dashboard: recent documents and current projects
  • Clean, functional and customizable interface: Design of sheet metal parts and mechanically welded assemblies
  • Intelligent, ergonomic and comprehensive menus

Integrated library

  • Standard metal profiles: hollow tubes, angles, flats and construction profiles, etc.
  • Mechanical fasteners: screws, washers and nuts, etc.
  • And many others are freely available on TopSolid'Store: anchors, folding profiles and methods, etc.

Creating intelligent components

  • Simplified setting
  • Create your own railing, stair and fastener templates, etc.
  • Capitalize on your construction methods and know-how

Document production

  • Commercial documents: site plan, realistic rendering, virtual tour, 3D pdf and animation, etc.
  • Bills of material documents: supply, cutting lists and subcontracting, etc.
  • Detail book: overall drawings and details with automatic dimension, etc.


  • Import/Export Dxf/Dwg files (Autocad) and others: layout diagrams, drawings, 3D files and unfoldings, etc.
  • Import/Export IFC files (BIM): 3D environment, data and level of detail management (LOD), etc.
  • Export bills of material: Opticoupe interface, csv and pdf, etc.

Data Manager (PDM)

  • Project management: document organization, search, copy and paste, etc.
  • Index management: history of modifications and document validation, etc.
  • Search favorites: components, documents and tools, etc.

Integrated calculation

  • Calculation of mechanically welded structures and sheet metal parts
  • Application of forces, pressures and hydrostatic pressures (water and concrete, etc.)
  • Visualization of mechanical stresses and displacements, etc.

Integrated manufacturing

CNC driving:

  • Cutting (laser, oxycutting and water jet, etc.)
  • Punching
  • Milling, turning




TopSolid 7

TopSolid 7 - 30 Days Trial Version is available for free and includes a full version of TopSolid 7 and our FREE tutorial helps you get up to speed.

Download TopSolid 7