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TopSolid'Cam Hint #131

If the successive contouring mode does not suit you it is possible to easily change strategy with TopSolid’Cam 7. By creating a rectangular sketch, regardless of its dimensions or altitude and by choosing "end machining" it is possible to choose other strategies later on.  In the attached video the initial strategy used has been changed to a spiral one. 

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TopSolid'Design Hint #130

Draft generation with assembly configuration

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TopSolid'Mold Hint #129

2D Cooling System Drafts

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TopSolid'Wood Hint #128

Driver block Since the 2012 Version of TopSolid'Wood, a new option in the creation of a driver allows set housing volume to easily create components like cabinet, shelves, separations, doors, drawers ... As illustrated in the video, we just have to create a block driver and design on it the component model. This component so created, will be automatically adjust on the volume or the housing volume specified when it is assembled. Here the separation adjusts itself in the interior of the…

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TopSolid'Cam 7 Hint #127

Transforming an operation

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